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Clarksburg Chamber Voting Resources

The Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce has compiled this list of voter resources. These resources will help you plan to vote; know how, where, and when to vote, and provide information on the candidates and master the ballot initiatives.

Register to vote

Postmark deadlines: Tuesday, October 13th.
Or text: VOTE to 77788

Request a Mail-In Ballot Application

Deadline for Requests: Tuesday, October 20th
Or text: VBM to 77788
Find your closest Ballot Box:
You can return your ballot at an official drop box location in Montgomery County, see link above for locations. You can mail your ballot in, but it has been advised that ballot boxes are the safest way to get your vote counted sooner.

To Update/Review Voter Record, Mail-in ballot status, etc.

Text: CHECK to 77788

Find Out Where the Candidates Stand on the Issues

Non-partisan, unbiased voters guide on where the candidates stand on the issues put out by the League of Women Voters. They break down each race, give job descriptions, length of term, salary info, and each candidate has an opportunity to respond, in their own words, to a handful of pressing issues put forth by the League of Women Voters.

Ballot Questions Explained in Plain Language

This year we will have 2 State questions and 4 County questions, each question has significant ramifications.  Here is an unbiased, non-partisan look at each question, broken down by:

  • The legalese for each question as it will be stated on your ballot
  • Current Law
  • Proposed Change
  • Origin of the Ballot Question, and
  • Arguments for and Against the amendment


View Your Sample Ballot

Early Voting – Monday, Oct. 26 – Nov. 2, 7a – 8p

Find early voting locations in Montgomery County along with dates and times, you can vote in any of the 11 early voting centers in the county.

Election Day Voting – November, 7a – 8p

Due to COVID, your regular polling place most likely will not be open. This year the number of polling locations has significantly decreased due to the pandemic. You can vote in any of the 39 polling locations in the county. FYI – pre-covid, we would have had 250 polling places.

If you plan to vote on election day, be prepared for extra-long lines due to so many closures as well as safe distancing. Be patient, wear a mask, bring a sandwich.

Find your polling location online here:

Build a Culture of Voting in Your Home

Taking time with your family and friends to discuss the issues, candidates, and viewpoints each election season is time worth carving out.

Don’t forget that candidates are running for a job and we are their hiring managers. It is up to us to make sure that we each take time to know more about who we are putting into office, to know what values they hold as they make the big decisions on our behalf. We can’t all be at the table making decisions, so we are sending someone in our place. We must be part of the selection process and we must continue with our civic duty to hold them accountable when they take office. It really is in our power to make the change we want to see in the world.

Here’s where to start:

Please feel free to share this useful information, we would like to stress that all of the information provided is unbiased and non-partisan.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help.

Happy Voting!

The Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce

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