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Legislative Agenda

Current Priorities – County Executive, Marc Elrich


A More Equitable & Inclusive Montgomery County


Thriving Youth & Families

By ensuring kids have healthy, supportive families, great schools, and caring communities, we can provide equal opportunities for all children to succeed.

A Growing Population

Maintaining and improving our quality of life depends on a strong local economy. We need to have a business friendly attitude and incubate the next generation of job creators.

A Greener County

Montgomery County has committed to addressing climate change by drastically lowering our Greenhouse Gas emissions. To amplify those efforts, we will also significantly reduce our waste stream and keep our county litter-free.

Easier Commutes

Nothing frustrates Montgomery County residents more than sitting in traffic. We will focus on moving people and goods more efficiently by expanding transportation options – from better utilizing our roadways to encouraging telecommuting.

A More Affordable & Welcoming County

Montgomery County’s high-cost of living is a barrier to attracting and retaining young professionals and a hardship for seniors with fixed-incomes and families struggling to make ends meet. We need to find creative ways to make Montgomery County a place where people of all income levels can pursue their dreams & immigrants can find a home.

Safe Neighborhoods

The recent Montgomery County survey reinforced that safety is the foundation of our quality of life. Safe neighborhoods don’t just have low crime; they are walkable, active communities with places where people can congregate and have fun.

Effective, Sustainable Government

We must restructure the county government so that it is more cost-effective and ensure that it is fiscally sound for the future.

*Presented by County Executive-Elect Elrich’s Transition Team

Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council is made up of nine council members who are elected at the same time and serve four-year terms with a three-term limit. There are four at-large and five district council members. All nine council members are voted for by their respective districts in the gubernatorial election years. Next gubernatorial election is 2022.

Officers for 2019-2020 are:
 Council President: Sidney Katz
 Council Vice President: Tom Hucker

District Councilmember Political Affiliation
District 1
Andrew Friedson Democrat
District 2
Craig Rice Democrat
District 3
Sidney Katz Democrat
District 4
Nancy Navarro Democrat
District 5
Tom Hucker Democrat
All Districts: At Large Gabe Albornoz Democrat
All Districts: At Large Evan Glass Democrat
All Districts: At Large Will Jawando Democrat
All Districts: At Large Hans Riemer Democrat

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