Clarksburg Voter Turnout More Than Doubles Since Last Election

We’re still working on the numbers with the Montgomery County Board of Elections,  but according to the Seventh State‘s numbers… The Upcounty voter turnout reached an insane record high of 29% voter turnout (our goal stretch goal was 30%)!


Clarksburg Chamber Seeks to Increase Civic Engagement and Voter Turnout

The 2018 Election is here. We don’t care who you vote for. We care that you DO vote and that you KNOW who you’re voting for. Connect with candidates and turnout to vote!

Get to know the candidates and ensure you are registered to vote.


Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce: Top Priorities for 2018

Clarksburg is the last major growth area in Montgomery County and we are facing a lot of important issues that will shape what our community ultimately becomes. For this reason our Legislative & Economic Development Committee (LEDC) keep track of these important issues and give input in order to influence how these various issues get resolved.

  • Roads
    • 270
    • M83
    • West Old Baltimore Rd.
    • Observation Drive